Family Films

Capturing Families on Film

A ‘Family Film’ is a cinematic time capsule of a moment in your life. 


It is a one-of-a-kind video customized to tell the story of you, and those who mean the most to you. You will watch it again and again - and it will become even more valuable as time goes on. Imagine watching this back 20 years down the road, and getting to relive this point in your life.

We spend a day with you, following along as you do something that you enjoy. From that, we create a cinematic story that is uniquely your own.


Here's an example, which we created to celebrate Jack Milburn's 98th birthday. 

  • It all starts with a consultation, where we get to know you and your story. Then, we create a plan for a super fun day! We’ll capture it all on film, and interview everyone. When your film is ready, we will host a premiere at your home, where you get to invite your family and friends to see your story on the big screen.


  • The idea for ‘Family Films’ came to us after filming a wedding. In the vows and speeches, people shared their deepest feelings and dreams. It was such a beautiful moment. Which got us thinking...weddings aren’t the only special moments in life! In fact, the everyday can be just as meaningful. 


  • Our goal is to help facilitate a really fun, memorable experience. After the first few minutes, you’ll forget we (and our cameras) are even there! We pride ourselves on helping everyone feel comfortable, and showing themselves in the most positive light. The film is the perfect way to share memories with your future self, and your children and grandchildren! We think of them as time capsules, filled with messages for the future. 


  • We want your ‘Family Film’ to be a treasured memento of this point in your lives. Our greatest success will be 10 or 20 years in the future, when you watch it back and appreciate its full value.

Our ‘Family Film’ Package Includes:

  • Consultation & discovery session 

  • 2 videographers with full inventory of gear

  • Multiple interviews

  • Day-long shoot, or equivalent 

  • Drone flight *within legal areas

  • Finished film (around 5-10 minutes in length)

  • Bonus material (eg. full interviews, or longer edit) 

  • Private in-home screening

    • We handle A/V setup and bring along your choice of treats (champagne or beer & sweets or charcuterie)

Give one this Christmas! 

This holiday season, we are proud to be partnering with Kindness Krate for a special promotion.


When you put down a deposit on a Family Film, we will give you a gift box full of locally made goodies. Put it under the tree for your loved one to open! The package includes a gift certificate for the film, as well as information about us and a 'Preparing for Your Film' Brainstorm List. When we follow up in the New Year for a consultation, we will dive into your story, as well as choose a location, theme, and filming date. 


We only have five packages available, and this offer is only valid until December 23. So if you are thinking about a Family Film, please reach out! We would love to chat with you, to see if this package is the right fit for you and your family.


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