We thought we were just making videos.


In the process, we realized our work goes much deeper.

Whether it's capturing a special day -

or finding the magic in the every day -

Pop Media creates video time capsules

that will last for generations to come.

We are a video team based in Prince George, BC,

but happy to travel wherever your project takes us!


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Wedding & Adventure

The most common thing we hear from people, is the big day goes by so fast they barely remember it.

Relive it over and over for years to come, with a Pop Media film!

Our Services

Think of it as a family portrait in motion!


We follow you and your family doing whatever it is that you love to do - resulting in a cinematic time capsule,

which only increases in value

as time goes on. 

Content for Business

Looking at what you’ve read so far,

you may not think this type of storytelling is relevant to your business.


In fact, it’s the reason we stand apart from other video production companies.

From a special day - to finding the magic in the every day, our Family Films capture a moment in time. Think of it as a family portrait, in motion!

These are precious, fleeting moments, and for the first time in history, we can catch them in all their glory.


This is a gift that keeps on giving.

Wedding & Adventure

These beautiful vignettes go deeper than most wedding films, as they not only tell the story of the day, they tell the story of your love. For each other, and of those there celebrating with you.

Or if you're going on a big adventure,

live in the moment and enjoy your time, as we capture these moments, and how it felt to be in that special place in time.

Content for Business

To tell a story with heart and passion, is the only true way to ‘advertise’ in this digital era. Let’s tell your unique story!


We take your video from idea to delivery, mixing first class video production with social media posting optimization. Leading to real, trackable results.



Pop Media is a videography company dedicated to capturing real life in all its glory!


Whether celebrating a special occasion or the every day, we are known for helping people be their true, authentic selves. The majority of our time goes towards helping corporate clients tell their stories, but we also enjoy making films for families of all kinds. Our goal is to create work that is meaningful to people, both today and into the future.


Camille MacDonald -

This whole endeavour started ion 2013, when Camille left the Lower Mainland to start her career as a television reporter and anchor in Prince George. After deciding to shift her focus to the digital realm, three years ago she launched Pop Media.


Over the years, Camille has interviewed thousands of people and takes pride in helping them feel at ease on-camera. Camille believes video is an incredibly powerful medium, and loves being able to create videos that clients cherish. One of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Top 40 Under 40, Camille is proud to call Prince George home, and loves exploring northern BC. When she's not making videos, you'll find her playing with Pop Media's mascot - her sweet, sweet baby - Linus the Kitty.



Dan Johnson -

From making movies on the family camcorder at 12, to creating television commercials, Dan has always loved media and the power it has to explore ideas and connect people. A BC Association of Broadcasters Excellence Award-winning producer, Dan’s creativity knows no bounds. He worked as a writer/producer for 3 years, before becoming an owner of Pop Media. ​


Dan is Pop Media’s resident drone pilot, computer/gear expert, and editor extraordinaire. When he’s not making movies, you’ll find Dan jamming with his rock band, Flying Machine. Dan and Camille enjoy being independent creators, and producing heartfelt, top-quality media for their growing clientele across the province.


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