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We make videos pop

To tell a story with heart and passion,

is the only true way to advertise in this digital era.

Brainstorming concepts

Booking shoots

Travelling to the field


Flying a drone



Custom motion graphics

We are a full service video production company

based in Northern British columbia, canada.

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video Content

Our specialty is creating videos full of life and heart.



  • Story planning

  • Pre-production

  • Videography

  • Interviews

  • Photography

  • Drone flights

  • Custom motion graphics

We are happy to travel wherever your project takes us!



Our goal is to tell stories that are meaningful, both today and into the future.


We are dedicated to helping people feel at ease in front of the camera, so they are able to share their authentic passion for their work.

Camille MacDonald -

This whole endeavour started in 2013, when Camille left the Lower Mainland to start her career as a television news reporter and anchor in Prince George. After deciding to shift her focus to the digital realm, she launched Pop Media in 2016.


Over the years, Camille has interviewed thousands of people, and believes video is an incredibly powerful medium. She is proud to call Northern BC home. When she's not making videos, you'll find her cuddling Pop Media's mascot - her sweet, sweet baby - Linus the Kitty.


Dan Johnson -

From making movies on the family camcorder at 12, to creating television commercials, Dan has always loved media and the power it has to explore ideas and connect people. A BC Association of Broadcasters Excellence Award-winning producer, Dan’s creativity knows no bounds. He worked as a writer/producer for 3 years, before becoming an owner of Pop Media. ​


Dan is Pop Media’s resident drone pilot, computer/gear expert, and editor extraordinaire. When he’s not making movies, you’ll find Dan jamming with his rock band, Flying Machine. Dan and Camille enjoy being independent creators, and producing heartfelt, top-quality media for their growing clientele across the province.

Linus -

Pop Media's perpetual "Employee of the Month," Linus is also the most lackadaisical member of the team. Her primary role is emotional support, but also calls Camille and Dan away for much-needed play breaks. Linus is the studio 'mews' - the camera loves her! 

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